My Top 5 List

February 5, 2012

Top 5 things I miss:

1.Family, friends & my puppy

2.McDonald’s fries and coke (pa.the.tic.)

3.My sister, Laura’s, homemade cooking (and your cooking too HM!)

4.REAL Arnold Palmer’s from SC

5.Warm chocolate chip cookies

6.Why is this all about food?!?


Top 5 favorite quotes thus far:

1.”Do ATM’s in Brazil give out American cash?!?”

2.In reference to the world-famous “Christ the Redeemer” statue in Rio:
“I just want a picture of Jesus on a hill…”

3.”How do they even make water?” …Enough said.

4.After someone’s $5 camera protector lens cracked: “O.M.G…I’m having
a panic attack… in the middle of the Amazon!” No worries though.. Life
somehow continued after this tragic event took place.

5.In reference to seeing birds in the Amazon Rainforest: “Wowww! This is
like REAL nature…” Uhhh… as opposed to “fake” nature?

Top 5 things I could do without:

1.Potatoes and pasta

2.High maintenance girls

3.Soy-based “peanut” paste on the ship (aka NOT peanut butter)

4.Brazilian bikinis and Speedos currently being worn in full-force

5.Getting sick in the middle of the Amazon rainforest (ultimate low)


Top 5 favorite things about ship life:

1.Late night jam sessions

2.10pm snack time every night

3.Hanging out with the faculties kiddo’s

4.The fact that I can watch one of my classes from my bedroom (rough life)

5.Dancing on the deck in the middle of a rain storm


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